Bi RIARKIS, Helen Sim- | NITES ooo , | to give you restful comfort hour after hour. a. group. She you can influence, to work on this. Fireworks and fights will be on | > gas brollater; vitalaire; | 2-Pc. Week: Milton oh LOAN ay of ik a furnished: ace; fairly close | Modern poor oe Pa. | en one oe 5-5 single flat; i n 1942: excellent con-| basement; stoker heat; ‘large lot: | 4404 Hogan: 2-family, 4-4 brick: | rooms each; 67 vacant; clean condi- who seek to better themselves at ters, Miss Lela and Miss Jane | accompanied by a granddaughter, ——| KSD Weather Reports | News on KSD | Aa SF Stomach Distress wie | *? ya L/e WY BS LS “lag ANS MORUAog MQ 09 Wey fi ALOU ANE W\ ONAN Sh NORE SHU TDA AL NN Joseph L. N. Wolf, for- JEFFERSON CITY, June 28— ent member of the family pays Roy Diefenbach of Fosest Park ‘this hope exists, and that a wise | y = . “Aniline may be : Tue Must be 1st class; good wa sce Mr. Anth A wants eac nished. Briggs Service Sapping- 2. Large selection of ‘‘Mark Twein’’ |Fern V. ; ST. LOUIS CARPET CO. exchange of correspondence which conveys BOB CONSIDINE Pat Frank’s excel- riety, departmem stores, chains, | Earn $100 to $200 per week during; and expenses QUNTAIN GIRL; Neel’s Drug Co. Wend cate, The psychiatry professor . Box G-320, P.-D. ah ave, CLES; Gee enced a manent, salary, bonus, car ail jimited| number of jobs available |——-—, SEs | eipstienced preferred. WebNivel laboral Tipo de puesto Modalidad de trabajo Postulantes con discapacidad. steam heat: tile-wall bath: gabinet STANLEY EPS ° or FOR A CTED FEW wR $300; 1 trast. ys 0470. v | c Grand. from individuals—plus heaven only knows how much of FAIRMOUNT ENTRIES line Motel, 10124 Natural Bridge. _ ted; desirable location If you belong to that growing sm m1067. learn to hypnotize themselves to GRAN a saan markets, Breen, | wi ntent to murder sleepin Set Sempen. 60a 38% | BufR&PS7st. |_ oe MOTOR 4761 Easton 6153 DELMAR PA. 2526| F BR “ION ES ARENA |_ezt condition. Sececsszacucesee. jae tases Ps Op Me te rset '|Good Values Available of the “bargains” are without a/| national or store wee A If it is iad." vacuum cleaners and washing ma- & It is CALL MAin 3035 trast. think I ran out of town?” “No,” was the reply. SWITCHBOARD SCHOOLS ant ae ee MILL SUP PLY FRAME NATILERS and bench returns are concerned? s . Meaney minimum of 5 years’ ex- ply. fore the deadline. low mileage: like new: $545 down. 6, 4-door, black, cannot ‘be told from new, very; workhorse motor. rying case. a lively production, one probably TROPICAL Roars ™ i: see | Allien Broz, $10.0 an teaes an aes” Gees M yz amily, be i, 1609 le : land well executed, if belated. now .9P flat and straight on your back, 6950 Manchester. x_K-388, Post-Dis. FABRICS die Robinson, 29-year-old Wash- semi- pose Natural Bri e 3344 Ge hoe TILLED LONDON ORS 8, Tie. 1572 § ” Vandeventer. I'll send you my “Calen- 6658 Gra- CHeSL EE rune foes oareibie orke ar ~ asavestioi: A ayy ll aoa: Zg88 §. thru JULY 4th closest matches in the 16-player radio stocks were among the. SOUTH OF GRAVOIS VENDEDORES CAMPAÑA NAVIDEÑA - LIMA SUR Lima Sur, Peru LIMA SUR: Real Plaza Primavera, Larco, Mall Del Sur, Plaza Lima Sur, Atocongo, Mega VES Y Canada. Otis H. Bowden — — 4 between the White House and the SODAMINT Tablets 2; 25¢ © Lake or Pond go is 7 p.m. North Carolina University, com- ment are essentially self-defeating,|now want the same thing. + AS “ “ a (Channel Neo. | Phila. LET’S HURRY OVER TO ™ er, Baruch said, for the adoption A ._ interior, or; ’ : Pos If you are interested in a ,er-| abl A. you a Acocilont future; 5S-day;{ 5s day week: = working con- AG Illinois bills The festival, lasting until July lar impression regardless of the Production Supervisor ee agg Mg entns: Bes oe hand. ular PA. 350 $75 A. fore 10, after 5. Buckey O'Neill as well as the author’s first ST. 7802 reaesaabie, en 2671 A group of railroad strikers sit on a bench in a Berlin railway yard today and listen as an official reads 6714. working conditions; give references experienced OF |sense and be able to intelliaent! HI. own eee MAD ters; good business; cheap; owner pe $1800 weekly; practically -room nu smploved = ae official start at the meeting, inant evidence should not be suppressed |the “second police action” last |countries and the total so allotted Corporation was formed, and by . on the block tonight and a scrore of Hammonds, Groeber and Mrs. advertisement for ROBERT’ . + William Johnson i. Violet v. Mabry, 3928 Washington service three years ago, has had 3 must never be a part of American juris- furnished apartment: ‘estate 5 bonds: well| 20f,,50x219; only $10,000. be resumed before the Missouri vising the tour. | 0064, 6 to 9 p.m. Italian Dinners Dimitri Mitroupolos and his Min- I’M INA HURRY / | gains him a place in the 1950 in 1949. TS OT. OPEN THURS., FRI. & SAT. NEW MERRY WIDOW ees | Show (7:30) _B.f L Gers, Steere Sen ¢ nets ortaw Mall Aventura. tional institutions, or whether the AD) ly “Tr Ferguson” Bakery, For made-to-measure line f manent position on long dis- _10-11:30 a.m. __ Wednesday _ only, ae pe A an cena be idles’ & a @ * Jesuit order June 26, 1940, he had Hanley & Co. 2907". JOHN R. EAVES nished : vate home. anvobere aha at: E FANCY STITCHERS . o Ji. 3 fie ~ in the renewed 36-year-old juris- Tomorrow 5661. 3354 eats. 3800, FR. MOTOR OVERHAULED Sorry, NO MORE $500 DOWN buy. time is felt all over the west Audrey from Ferdinand L. Traudt. Hi 3610 NATURAL BRIDGE HEVROLET, °42 club coupe; orig- Indheaiite at hie te ~ the White House, along with me- '6432 : walked off the job last June 14. accused the prosecutor of “engi- Women Still Have Things to Do well as body” and that “the will is All this is com- shortstop, Eddie Joost, Philadel- tempting to prove Di 0767, ENTIRE CONTENTS 6 nd p iano, a, i ; paymen 719 St. Y Charles wt . session. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamp third-seeded Richard (Pancho) Broadway 1725 O'Connell (Overiand) 2:50. and 822 at the start of 1946. other 15 feet, and perhaps add a — 1.35 ing upon the choice of the wearer List. self out into a long smooth line. FO. SES, John Lewellen. A.M., cause his business agent told him BUT CHILDREN must grow up organized to spur independent room in your home deserves Perhaps Fred G inet is harder to see than the forbidden nh. peace officers are restricted in| But a happy ending is ultimately ‘brought Lucky Lou into the win- . count.” shed apartmen established. 1604, ” any time, competitive course record. bales SR $ Kingshighway & Southwest WRIGHT MOTOR CO. 53 ~ SIDNEY WEBER. tered thund rs in south hemorrhage at Park Lane Memo- a week, on set days and to be they call attention to uneven hem- Cash, third. yen — calves 1500, hogs 10,000, sheep the Post-Dispatch. LITTLE SPORT—By Rouson NEW DISSENT MARK; Matosin — — -—— — + Carroll Wayham = necessary, 5-da 40-hour hege and traveling expense; car help- Hammonds were this morning and that have arrived in the St. ate at this session, and the Taft- , 4 evastating effect throug —s Mrs, the law granting authority for in which English university and| Miss Riley’s claim to the favor- rooms, unfurnished. day that he would attempt to ‘i eo ated CRES; ROCK Ouse tive yanch home, 3 large bedrooms, ATTRACTIVE SROOM RANCH |-WM. finest you can buy! OPERATORS _family; colored; neat. |_App! TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1949 i The uf a man es ge ah ge ESTIMATING CLERK. Courts Building, where Griffin’s indiscriminate use to which they are put. final. Martin can help make up for learned the “bitter lesson” that it counts of perjury because of these rates: top ecework ts; Frankel ‘references. Z - — ret ' se. ; : o> ~ a . real mermaid! ansbeelg Flreside 43006142 0 a PERLMUTTER CH. John D. Smick --~ —- 2521 8. “$8000 PER YE — JE. put on for dirty yard and garden GHE ; FORD, ‘i984 sedan; no down pay-| color. fourth pair in the men’s doubles 21 i prick bungalow; excellent condi | OMING HOUSE VACANT—ALWAYS OPEN 3523 peppered by William Powell’s urbane sleuthing. — | “excellent ironer. only one woman said she despised co o : © DISPLAY & Mos—6 Yrs, “Nothing else can save them Board, addressing a lu&cheon in Washing- I$ | DOWN CL DELIVERS |< bargain; GO. Indheaiite at hie te ~ William King| A year ago Benson went to Louis | So much nicer to use than 6072 or GA. 5766. and | angin handstand on Charley’s hand, so ndell s Match play will be at 18 | gimmediate delive RO. Moon Universal. vorites to make it tomorrow. ARAINGE ae It is not pos- biggest gain, 180,000 more than games: washing whenever possible, you'll “I wish I could have done some- Apply & porees ony. CLOSED SUNDAYS New comfort! lic life of Arizona had he lived. RENGEL BEST ,£0;| block, trom school, transportation aipuaatio “teak: che” take ed TA The 3 , |SIXTH-EIGHTH ST., 2154: i ments. and made short work of Bob Sikes, A partir de 18 añosDisponibilidad de viajar, El objetivo de la posición será. against James Loeb, Executive Secretary of ; : man; - : 7 Tir work; , ; : : cookin y reference required. Phone Flanders of = Be GREBE MOTOR CO., INC. SRS SEOME| tale tlt aan | phar Soee neem te] SERVICE STATION | cobtitic—gerr—rmanser-rome| Sant hitn, Sree mae BA worer am: | whiny Government had built its case on , ie 8. CALL US »| ald Church Bixby, 10 Southmoor, Perhaps those _ low-necked —Martin Schweig ograph. Such merchandise usually | Los Angeles and Eric Sturgess of 2801 Gravois Sidney 2240 CO. CHENILLE RUGS great-grandmother, | 5 pumber, 5 of Chicago, at Pen & Palette gal- 8 Louis | Free Playground for Children Lindhorst-Fitzwilliam, WI. nickel plate Phillips ips ae ‘ fans; ean alter META W A CUUMS, washers. © FR. 2800. stirring until cheese is thoroughly 10 for a European vacation. Box L-347, P-D want to do,” she explained. and Miss Janey Studt the former ; Coloreac; any o In the big library are the books persona eelng manifes Y Laura . sians may have a few of these gadgets, perhaps No. with the “Charlot Revue” 4148 Grove. was placed on the lawn. If you belong to that growing one housewife in five gets a vaca- |?? aureen 2 n fo last a LIFETIME! 7835 Manchester. at prices current several months : WASHINGTON, June 28 AP bc BABY BOTTLE 2 .. 5¢ G : — a3 == } *) at i le 10c PAPER PLATES 2... 1 7¢ sales ally. 26 = | Pp down ‘and $8.00 a_week. THE PROS INVOLVED moved toward fruiti- aes strongest among 35 boats entered Open _FLETCHER, 806 Pine. that summer. The units are constructed BUSH'S THE WINNER b naar on Darst to Hart- D) OQ A N. ‘( ~ €. DELPHINE, 9110: brkk home. $477 in nearby July exerting the major in- “ : “ ‘ Closing some big deals about that references require all 8 For experienced salesmen, age 25- TE. , Clearly this is no more than an more than their share to the Ni- Mordt, who lost his right eye Mount Pleasant Cemetery in High | _. need 4 or 5 a ' See property “apa Wm. Ege ee 5 — = Y foans or in-| STANLEY EPSTEIN MANNER : and churches Re MM art DEPARTMENT dren evenings: stay; in exchange | “sel), illness; reduced $1300; rent| Must_sell. Mr. Gaee, PL 7912. RAFT, | Wm. JURY IN COPLON Muny Tenn! d SALES, st. 1981. formerly was Ambassador to Hu” 4430. " in the School of Law who are ~ noted architect, who is on his or evening. ‘ NEW YORK, June 28. RUSSELL F, MEYER AGAIN S runs F needs fe PONTIAC. L. * 7811. : _ Broadway. Men’s Doubles day’s deal. Mc ald — ... -.~— §t. 75 up | ‘home qemonstration® which a . — This Ad Cost $13.16 |_Months old. apartm experience VON has n tertitories n -Dane e. SK pa KSD—Backstaze Wife. : Box KINGSBURY PL., 28; 4 bedrooms, a_ income and low upkeep. Day and evening classes. Another convention in baseball pudding. | | stalls; Phillios’ 66 products. Precios sujetos a variaciones sin previo aviso. 3-2591. EXCLUSIVE AT 4046 Truman—Another Of- ; $12,500. _ ... Mathes Coolers for which | agree ~4 ene age, education and qualirica- ZKUTOMOTIVE ome needs 4 “1 A [) a COU! AMBASSADOR Hamilton, St. Iouis agg a 8899 ONLY ONE LEFT ‘LARGE 4-room house near comple- —_ insulated: 1° block b When Charley and Linda got With his usual vigor he helped organize For complete training informs- thing considered if congen " ENGINEER district office of national food MAGAZINE MEN! Italy, 6-3, 6-1, 6-3. Si cometes un error en la solicitud de compra (error en dirección de entrega, datos personales, started for the Browns. The Indonesian actor in the Washington avenue, University it c an 1 oo. PackMota 7 Lac. when KARE keeps you bath- John D. Smick --~ —- 2521 8. received TWO hundred years.” : we don al ipee Lincoln at 0: bus. * _aton- Bircher vi - No es acumulable para punto y visitas de las tarjetas Planet Premium - Para ser válido WASH MACHINE fs". 257 Southwest AUSTIN MACK AT THE PI 51817 $11,800 MAT. another exhibition tilt. LICENSED, BONDED Groves boys and girls, 9 to 14 years the gypsy fortune teller who just é6 END a hand” has become Here’s good news! 4 Fine Cuban ing day. wwe ay cutters, $11@15 with light shells $10: some Senators a chance to get on can use new Cutex with perfect the atmosphere of a house still - Research and Development Board, gave witch- Blo St. Louis county. Elgar Bock- Aone eens . " . find the idea of a big wicker- but, will which our civilization has evolved day and because many downtown held: under the burning sun by turning CLEMENS, 5889; Taree, pleasant rivate home. An attempt of the Chicago Blue 'UNDER ES STARS’ (co Gim- sized Sites Good ‘loeat press box, and one of the weak- Up 0255 1735 r.p.m. Miss Lela St. Louis at the same time for her LO. $ | DOWN DELIVERS aE a ser 7 ck LOR snowstorm for six hours—in June, MANHUNT’ cue a on. 329, anon ‘3° DIARY,” at an Eo. Post- tch ’ lientele; wonderful _— business; a aan Di eeping room; ] , ency; |__Bish Can Const. adul best of references: at spot "Eee fruit; cadena gai city Five Rooms— LAKE MONTOWESE’S most beau- newly decorate: only SS980. By Streetcars; Busses Unchanged She ‘F YOU KNEW SUSIE? aaar Andrew Gallagher dea WAITR S$ BAR MAI ill. A. lost ; ae setter: year, yesterday accepted a posi- His throw to Z ee re tha aaa 10:1 At drug and no doubt that in connection with almost | coe FEE B 3 eae fi Ge. APPOINTMENTS BY ARCHBISHOP Rich. There were a couple of ballets | Representative Spence (Dem. Incluye deslizadores plásticos en la base, Gastos de diagnóstico de fallas y mano de obra. a - = ~ oF. eted bea tiful place; ™ tet CHAS, CH 5213 Davis, 105 W. Lockwood, RE. pared to the 8,965,152, who saw FOR SALE | SUBURBAN PROP. Fairy SWAPS Oh T DAY! Highwa at Meramec River living rooms; sacrifice; $400; Kan. ; approximately § 5000 sg, ft. | HANCOCK. ‘game of the season, went the full Boston 21 to Hwy. Despite | Margaret Vv. WEST END oeimar Free breadwinner throws'a strain on the home, a young mother is and don’t care. in St. Charles Saturday and Sun- 21 i \ the Cardinals were trailing Adam,” investors in plays lost Pele Shirts, (Girls), DELIVERY SERVICE—DE. '40 6; radio, South” service... and the finest of foods. The sauce may be home- "| RDBING MACHINES. combination of Ted Schroeder of FIR, 2x4, 8-ft. long: 5igc foot. *#.4| see, a cloud in the distance which ' i gray, Sedanette: by owner: very ty mile | ‘46 Buick, $1395 |°48 Mer. FINANCIAL Write, visit or phone. BNgAne 311% | Security. MAFFITT wise: d 4-5 ‘rdome and bath. | Ce - burner, onus, ta tank; - size, |_.919 Franklin 10th and ryt Fully Reconditioned and Guaranteed Fit trick ) rae or eeeeneel enn, ~n, name with a final E again be- If you’re an autograph hunter your lifetime OFFICER OF WORLD OPTIMISTS on the part of the British people (with the dark brown hair) DOBBIN was down in the 70s, a 3 f faces, deny that it is new). 1101 N. Car- invention. » Snake Pit mas, assistant pastor at St. An- tot. ), said, “we are satisfied that we Sacrifice hit—Reich. & PAGE the racing at mutuel tracks from’ Itic Club, who placed third to SHOW- Also new convertibles Duggan or family, bargain. OLDS "40 tadors— radio heater, | pee Mou? ad 10 miles from | pty "38 % good tires; new| low mileage 301 N. Kirkwood rd.j “et. arms at your sides. Low-round neck- ea Y.M.C.A., 17 East Lockwood ave- over to him by state officers.” ‘en, a thoughtful, fair-minded, high- rig only. TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1949 if our prices are too high Europe WI. YOUR COMFORT . IN YOUR HOME rures the lines not furnishing much wit, 4-4 rooms, baths; changed. =e Se. that summer. m prensa AT GR&ND 3147 S. GRAND 6610 OELMER x .18%@. pressing it as hard as you can a Frozen foods In state at the SRUSTER Mor- BLONDIE! drapery here and there because STEIN FURN. 339. The dress has slanting hip pocket and a leather belt. and they get tired easily. eral rule—Hayward. NEW Lh June AP) ee Umpire Beans ; foK—Johnay Lujack. ’ Bainbridge Apartment Hote] in 139x160, choice location; make of e. . —_— Amerien® pean tea ictnes. Marcus Cemetary syle the cattery view ie DABERALS Wie (8:30 Only) A delightful menu for a summer Balance like rent, 2-family | 824 Chestnut, CH, 6243. Viewers — — — . 1 acre, @ rooms, new, $5500. game set, with Red Embree due Robt. NE. general practicioner that year. The long-range record it is after is a er Scott Lucas of Illinois, which disponible del mismo. mercantile, offices a light manu- buying which means that while Railway Bias 12 to é “brand “new equipment’ and. Leaders? Louis theater operators, is a mem- U nena ta rie 41280 iy SouRy4s 56 2 | Dominstléc 1 PhilaCo .55¢ ies to Mr. Keith Haviland, Celfor Tool announced. and keeps on telling you... . , 38213, 653,079. ao — | BABY GIFTS and _able, FL, 1223. One-girl office; light dicta- th cars, but car not neces- 9754. nook. St. v., to every citizen. Qn eS 1566. ‘a maximum of $400,000,000 a year infants’ and children's summer wear | proval to the bill permitting the. Chairs will not rust-spot Those who are piloting new talent shows brew University, Jerusalem, and Exhibition of $1,000,000 Formation of a new boxing pro- per person. Indians, 4-3, in an exhibition game financial and economic : ‘were the reasons for the failure are digging a hole in the cellar amusing pictures, clarifies the. school end bus i (west on Man: gf hy gy BS ew r poe! Stout Pajamas, Values to |.98 | Tuesday. Symbol for wil found in| Ann. A JAMES LOEB JR. son. ‘per cent from last year. the issuance of such lists and the Two years ago Benson, one of HU. which began to be issued only after the fight- rly co-ordi- dear mother-in- law, grand- Skirt Interest Is One of Chief chen eee Necklines acs oa at “Ee floor, MAN a0f fur- your choice _. \\ over. 2493. a xperlence and the interest that variety can 3-16 | ve 1 oW7, + Fs ee 3, oscil vreet? | CHICAGO — George Sherman, 14914, French Clean- ——«=» | motive ex rience necessary; must WOMEN ») Any variation in the Kelly, who skipped the Diamond RO. Virginia transporte y descarga de los productos consignados en la Guía de Remisión. imum House figures. It is not easy for a woman in her position to rec- NE.5181 GOTETcosoriable-—roois pestle — SUBURBAN adults: July 1st Bon G-516 ED and offices on Jennings’ Pine Lawn “Weber, who beat a good field with! until 10:30 at night. res nsibility “newly remodeled g. ; him. Wave-saving Bathing Caps—29¢ te sot on the amount at air. TERRITORY’ . A recommendation that the seal- . no a barrier; ¥. | : $p° 3 SS SS Re aT a? unity. ‘Give Child clan ar eo ape properly pro- | destined 3-42.87 | 18 ill and must sell; don’t miss this [pyri oo" ARK, 4303; cool front |_Frida wan OC west Of Hampton. c mers Tee ae co AINT — PAINT t, walnut, $75; single|_$10. |backed by Premier Maurice Metallic A post-mortem of the first baby feated La. had not seen it. which a . ecord Club. or reject advertise- satisfaction. now BP o 1.19 = 2.19 of the Indian Meadows profes- | Johannesburg, Melbourne, Stockholm, Oslo and Engel has refused steadfastly the American Teléphone & Tele- 7608 Forsyth PA. 2200 gy ES ful 2-tone green, fully equipped; | BIG SA GS ON NEW AND USED Mme, morn- HELP WANTED oe. The serious, sternly realistic “Home of the $108 body. LEN path “Geyer solutely new buys 2504 SULPHUR (1 block west/| single 4-5 plus sunroom; automatic In every street and city lengths. the market to rally from the 4J@-year ° = , easted r an oate | ° , it able-top; re erator; reasonable p.m ANTIOUES WANTES——~ 10- ft. hydraulic blade; “HOSE; 7 new; , Fubber_ or metal: alll a _ anos; si_high prices paid.” s i? 1513. Die atch. —A 14-year-old baby sitter was Funeral eS a for Stockbridge, Mass., where they creed or color, to develop his Mathias, at 17 years of age the eae ; eer sy gery rye rer erry * =. clean stock: rooms ; eee sold . Wildlife Service, reported, how- crawled into the machine. work of Ballet Master Pittman Heaviest Drop at Cleveland; nity to to population gains and the ad- Ma 10 a.m. Wed. Soturenes Val- sians will then fly to The Hague pound and the country’s position | ph reg Themis and Union or idea del producto a los clientes, más no necesariamente referencias sobre el producto mismo por lo ball was whisked out of his oor oe ly et aera mort nice modern f rooms; 12 years dese en, oil heat; lot 150x150, street! ZONA SUR ( Plaza Lima Sur, Open Angamos, Mall del Sur). and his amateurs, Tom Hellweg, | Agriculture. peste oe Clothing 302. t. in vicinity 15th and ers and roasters. for baby. 1175 Hamilton ' the population which together You will surely 1227. Se realizarán hasta dos intentos de visita a la dirección que nos indiques. home which would mean consid- of the Indian Meadows profes- | Exclusive territory, liberal| vacation. 1949. \\ worked only if 10 falcons were TE ee ADMIRAL Ethel Merman teamed with Melchior own money. TRE or eve RIVER, moving van; “cal 2 pected in the House. we r an ma Ad- CHILDREN, 50c INC. T onage, found in Miss Coplon’s of late American audiences. Sed., $1395 | sti*seresnin sd? . THE AMAZING x 8. Last Friday the Goodall Co., Kolbe, PA. 3502. ing dye, but the cause of the CADET MOTORS Bib? Group of ‘ ; ; 19 N. Kirkw » Under |-SPRIN VAIL PL., 15 vacant, 3 rooms, WHY SFLI wil will, Bulld on your Tat panel is draped at the side front, Theatre & Avéene © CHICAGO, June 28 (AP)—Miss | dicted, Breen said, the state will df (i (4 U d That automatically Earnings may slide again next _ $6 ; | * 7 : : , =a , > ‘i . Kingshighway SW, 3291 STOKER, 50 LBS—AND BLOWER. Lo tenemos todo. writer, GA. ‘4612. Give| ships with a guaranteed | salary | EMPLOYM'T AGENGIES, MALE | ©xperienced: Boyd-Welsh Shoe Co., 9394 po bed . + * * ‘ Marschel and Ward Parker defeated Vir- de- It is not customary to play theater with one’s Chicago kicked in with some and Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, COUNCIL MEETS decline for the British Government bile. Country Club. Bill Reeder, likewise, pitched the vast accumulation of his per- 12th - for TE, grandmether and great-grand- streetcar service. ¢ 20 Reg. able for night or day duty 7 days willing to learn. , ba” 3503, Open 2000 DELMAR BAe, #2009 a H PRI Spending is a thrilling 3840 Lindell bl., Rounded night would not confirm the report against unwarranted invasions by officials. Actors would rather get deceitful flattery than honest criticism. A New York grand jury last | i Fee IN ‘ A: AT 1 790 ST.LOUIS POST DISPATCH Abr&Straus5 101 Amateur Fight Program | James STEWART, ‘THE ROPE’ (Tec he) Collinsville. »|Measures Set Up District Wales, and Mrs. Watts, will meet I Hamer ee] State st., Alton, BENDIX; ne sty Av. : . On dress, zone. MO. post-debutante daughter, Miss in wintry weather, zips out when not needed. helps? 50. J | OTY co que ubique la mercadería en el lugar donde se instalará o armará el producto. tina wrwwewrewewFw * Learn Our Easy, Modern Wa sition; employed now. - ; 7 N.: im apparently liked Miss Churchill. Temperature Drops 10 Degrees in New York! sor with Mrs. Sarah Delano Roose- Empleos de Ejecutivo retail, Asistente operativo, Cajero y más en and Francis MacNutt, 6-3, 6-4; Josephine ‘Make Big Money | ulck | BAND sell at once. spade. — a she learned that on the; street department foreman in Police Deduction work for room and board.| 5331. See Chef, Sheraton Hotel. LeRoy Busch 9 TO 1949 pecial sedan — —. : ie ate Sounsieaping: em- rs) fies the shirtwaist theme in a fullakirted model. with polish which chips soon after _ The 60. RUDOLPH REALTY CO., GA. 1086 CLARK, 534; new listing: owner quick offer: investigate. in ‘flavor-ology:’ “Whiskey of finest pre-war quality flows from TERMS it. ing crops which are to be sold at Barbara Hale, “Clay Piseon’ time, I suppose. . Lee Sloan, _ 9800 Page. Charnay, a former partner in the Praise for Baruch. Av . A Big Bend) 2-Rearoom pointment. See this today. SW. _ S200. members are Oscar A. Ehrhardt ge ae, sell an oe or a Sim also. dress to the group, said he ee | RECEPTI TONIS' P.B. It may form in- 0435 beside him was Jim Finnegan, Col- 52, NYNH&H4s 120 1! be satisfied with merely printing FOR. : Washington oo bus, 40 hours ago and to all appearances was yng 6 A, confectionery, eg S stock nd Arkansas SH bidden in New If not satisfied }) against, with 77 votes required for 9292. sewer service, SCHRE round affairs. Harman) nace. "WEBER. Fans Always Gather at Throughout GALL AGHER, JOH Clifford Wilson -—- -— -——- 2808 Day * 33560" SLOAN ‘51 ORES , wide; will cut to any len G. M. Cohan: Fame tioned his authority in working outside the 28. °cCHSLE | ‘ ~™ Fi lj pt lady: —— drive: net best otter. [] CASH 7 ¢.0.D. Sorrell Mac and King Tom also raced. Derothy LAMOUR * Don AMECHE best dresses when browning fry- GO. INSURANCE mu, toes et ches Ke food opportunity $175 up... men allegedly swindled Van Meter refer- ; 2d ADDITION.-Is ab- NORTHLAND PL., 4920; beautiful Two of the gals whose options were dropped in Hollywood teferenres._ Box G- , years Sl. Chula Vista, Calif.; Arthur Kurtz, he weakened in the sixth and was chairs; Baker tables. coverers among the Wimbledon Won't harm even fine fabrics HE Brewns came here to- he took off down the road like We |GOMPTOMETER OPERATOR. | Cincinnati, Detroit, the New York ' Cincinnati scored five runs injble as incidental to a lawful ar- used car sales agency from his July 1. OUR CONSULTANT DECORATORS WILL BE PLEASED equipped. & tor, canvas top, Patterson. MA =: fest MRtvonne. pital. now 1.19 - 1.99 District Golf Association, has play was Gerald Staley who was The wee oe erat Post-Di h ment today accused members of |“sybversive activities. eter ne EXACTLY AS efficiency aplewood; | sentative, etc. GRASK TRAILER "SALES COLLIES AND SCOTTESy regis- 5 NEW BADE-IN AND Win ield 4404 VINITA PARK 4495 8 sone droom ranch | 8940 St. Charles rd. PRINCETON, N.J., June 28 driver; city and freigh 8 More Ci ( h f Y GROS TOMORROW [oooRs OPEN 6:20] | Empress Only—Open 11:30 AM. dear mother of Mrs. Rose Joyce, s rT cover; g _9th s "| studio’ upright; “$75. Springfield, (Ill.) boy who beat AMERICAN TELEVISION wee ear ea, edge of household hardware E. M. STIVERS 6320 Delmar Age 28- 35; good | 0 portunity: old CLOTHING, SPORT SHIRTS compenention: must be over 28 i . —Archie Moore of St. Louis, one | St. Louis, Gogped Bed Sikes, 193; Little attendance decline from last year’s record-breaking totals, compara- as a fact that Greene did not re a ne noted: ai . $ | DOWN DELIVERS REPRIGERA RA bs C2907 ‘satin features in radio and for ihe reproduction of music pei ng ante ilies a a ene , 38213, 653,079. ao — “kv. Daddy do tricks.” ¥. Peter Bradford ing them over House maximums. every need. words are simple. eternally on her hard rock has al- ‘ ton,. 2nd floor; hot-water gas heat, au- . n ° n ‘ 4 hgh 0m tions below the 10 per cent cut Children’s Paper Parasols—19¢ & 39¢ ee, Tig A Hamilton MU, Bats ir sant. : 4 Thelma Long and Joyce Fitch of a2 Nain eoatt: | SALES WOMEN [sistem sitcoust: interview. 1949 July 32.50 32.62 32.34 32.54 °*: : od ‘ AUTOMATIC GAS FAT buy. Box |" bath ‘FO. FOR SALE | SUBURBAN PROP. blouses! A.A.U. Sonera aaa nH. nel about 20 miles from Floren¢e. THE ARISTOCRATS: Lucky Strikes, which resumes with “piece 18th century a ogxcel- All-porcelain Frigidaires, in perfect ridential service OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 9 ne Rickensohl 825, ve Eighth dahon 124%. 412 Continental Bidg. Westmore 688 29g gPOWELL. Promoción 2 small ee iF bath, insulated, storm sash, beau- CA. issues traded 599 closed, lower, 157 an occasional handicap of sinus fair-weather level. that the Indonesian leaders will sumably performed in Philadel- Recently a morning- ‘until Sunday. AG NIGGEMAN, ‘CLARA 8 oe 8., Sat.. , June sorry lot! way home to San Francisco after CHICAGO, June 28 (AP)—Ed- Oechsle importante empresa retail perteneciente al Grupo Intercorp, esta en búsqueda de nuevos talentos para cubrir el... Sankare .S.R.L | A.A.A, BARGAINS EVERY DAY/| FU URE, chair, championship play, the co-ed group as gifts, as rewards, as gestures 46 @ OUTH PACIFIC,” the Broadway hit that half the gravy. Eddie Robinson, Washington; sec- BABY GRAND: DECKER, 5 FT. 8: a Robin Hood Dell, Philadelphia, at 'some sizzling left hooks thrown GO eake onnson 5 hp. 41 sedan special; CHEVROLET: ‘48 aero: like new: original miles; good condition: pri- L 2-door; Al ipped | #0 ‘48 dump; 24-yard body, Soon . Bo nk hosiery industry. | BE Other increases in space, select- aay §215 te So BO monthly. res, Ee tend _ ler, Cain, Cordon, Donnell, Fergu- Kansas City, where he appointed J. L. “Tuck” ony eae yaa Tyrone POWER ©@ Gene TIERNEY The naming of the North American Com- one new book landed on the Times or Trib best-seller lists all RO.’ 2467. T little more free time. Senator Floyd R. G. Gibson of In- pletely equipped for display pur-| WILL SELL, 17 OUR CAR AT NO UTBOA ireston _and used; i; very Cheap. : ‘ (Mrs. King served as attorney | aur aaa eda BY MULTIPLE NEEDLE ELECTROLYSIS reer ere aie GU ben caches aca din ines oS impressive selection of such furniture to be found concern for crops on the continent. 2851. perienced man hand and auto- FINISHER PHOTOGRAPHY Selected will cession an kbeasien PTET ait pos Watson rd. 546 “able, Brig 8 _— Sappington, pping room and driver; at Tin Shop 2029 Franklin 1064 HODIAMONT jand 14, Mo. |slipping in the first round, but (6th Near Pine *& John WAYNE * keep time. large supplies on the ground. Pflager, 19 Kingsbury place. Hanley rd. SOUTH © PABY, PORTIVE AOTIONT BABY GRAMX NDS, : ‘studios, B dresser: ay €00d condi- ? Alaska fisheries for the Fish and St. v., Sick children retary, will accompany the group. Webster ERRES gentjemen, couple. Belgium? Close. MA. A rows quarter-final match be- m GEBKEN Cha J SV ee WL od ind Sal itr. : we Z0 stricken in the same period last | -_ SIPING rH 3 MOT< I é 3 _Mrs, raster CH. age, knows what fun picnics same ailment which turns the in- consider G.I. $ 9 g. $ 1” Bs oupenmasacaeasg srs PRON aR a AT ER Rs eso SO a ga hanna ge wes — yoni a rey meses ero BY] C N ! A ; Wertz, De . . =| 38 gman for saleew ork g a3 FILLI G STATI ATION for lease: Stand- | _UCcts; sell for invento room; private bath; couple or man; DG TO BUY |_ AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES POR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE yome ae a 1949 | TIB : BNgAne 311% | Security. a2 Nain eoatt: | SALES WOMEN [sistem sitcoust: interview. ST.LOUIS POST- DISPATCH BRUGE DEMPCY STUDIO . PR BS BMF eee: At Hosiery Counters well-known brand name of any | unidentified, check length and pro-| the fact that before the war 1-15 ger bite out of an endless job. a 275. Please call] GO.| kitchen cabinets, 1 gg. SELF ON MAIL LOAN BILL aa Cc XXII.I. and Reich reached second on that 5GEO. SPORTING GOODS, rifles. 6145 Natural Bridge MERCANTILE CO} TIERCE 5169 Maple: 2 apartments vacant; R. Britenfield : B room, brick; gas peeks storm sas 1566. but as Jones tagged the runner, urs., June 30, from St. Malachy’ NE. library tax. Free me for Kiddies—Free said | iS 5061A Tholozan, FL. Jewish month 9507 ry. Oversized plate glass windows 5831 CABANNE 210. . Elliott, i- It would Germany’s defeat) and Dec. 22, 1945, was a suf- ‘Ujja%. 15 minutes of continuous opera- 2220. ut. was quoted at 3-1. trained professional director and replacing him : | ESTIMATORS. ow! ‘3 elphin and Furillo rooklyn, 6 Jim Fogertey, Sunset, and Tom Midsummer Dresses for St. Louts [or tie recor call or write Kemper Thomes Co.| since 18 to 26, free to travel. | A reduction of more than 4 per Heated Debate. Sunsults, Values to 2.98 | WURLITZER price reason- : ‘ Quality Furniture’ Co. Gd electric §=6refri eFato : some wil Delhi, La. cation. MIRAFLORES. Easiest way to smart fashion $457. Grass, Weeds in the third | times in the second round and To approach | _UP. “Hanley & Co. 2007S Funeral from KRIEG AUSER 4954 MARYLAND established a record for his office. E._ 761 : ; Q) «0: preserving the normal Date not yet decided. 4233 0 i : N 4 So ‘ : 308 N. 6th St. GA. 3490 & heater; nearly new; a 0011. Picnic Kits Box _2-40,_Post-Dispe 2... © ets ais Deere ; rosso Bi : : ~ National check-out, 1 year old. Special to the Post-Dispatch. Such an idea may appeal to the spending their honeymoon at the The development — ANN bing, wallpaper clea cleanin » Serere! N A m Cleveland 972 eston, 961 are irot it, 828. at the church, 2900 Clark avenue, V4" I'x14'"— 4,90 have ended the inning. His farm home, where he he said. Owner | BRAND NEW—ONLY | LEFT TiNGsiTGHWat $538 NGSHIGHWA Ss s.: 6 EWERS, PR’ 2020. state penitentiary, to which he 3740 Lindell, Park in rear, NE. LAKE, *BLONDIE’S SECRET’ (8:40) the word of the owner, if he testi- SUTTER DANCE STUDIOS, 6616 Srookiyn, 554, ° BEATEN IN ILLINOIS HOUSE A (2); 4-room unfurnished large tila Kitchen and bath, beauti- RISSANT 10 P oU% co and bath; ‘automatic heat d FF a5: make offer. , | SOIR IRS =. GA. 3164. Shortest Route 5-room HILMER. 717 8. 9394] tr room | brick, oy PS _ A GREST, 6819; 5 rooms; screened |_Realtors. © 1947, me Serre Fenians Catholics who had opposed ad- 0953. rooms; . 3204 TIMKEN gas and oil burners; Au pe |S. 4182 for appoint-| tile E residence, hardwood eee 28. lows, flats. ir : : \ . for early Senate consideration of | @xercises of the college, held in - age produce rtm t:. The adjoining apartment 911 Apply 9-11. A. = ae 515 Locust. G A Recibir nuevas ofertas de empleo por email. likewise led to a run in the fourth the basic reason of taxation, which to me but another boot by Smalley xt | SHIPTIN and «1a PE 0 so |Otfice, duties. 3-ROOM >] 89 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book oo jae hen opiey, trailer built; shower, lavatory, elec- Ag BS all like new; CE. tread, $25.95." Kit, $) Dr. Meredith was graduated SHOW SPOT OF ST. 'some sizzling left hooks thrown souri Military Academy; mechanic- me department, special Leds Briden Scott BRADY. J “peand news SET tn Gots, whee nour K—News Chi ' WTMV—Music Shop. For creamed green onions, omit bs., S31 @ 2: - few iqads $21.35@ Fechas, y lugares del desarrollo del Evento: viernes 25 de noviembre hasta el 28 de noviembre. DELMAR, 5161: Scusshoapine: ROOMS “WANTED fined Protestant’ home: employed 709 CLARK AVE. : = 3 : HULL-DOBBS Will Rogers: No performer should be conceited. BarnsdOil 2g Soto mouth | ike new a sie . Jeanne Box L-58,/ have no desire to waste poe time TRAINEE za zecwmme! ; ~ SS i 4 ¥ HH ih ‘ j e Kiner, Pittsburgh, 3.48. direction ‘until past midday before cellar: large screen back por N Bri k RB | kitchen, gas heat, 2 garages, storm tion; price $12,750. Hunch Siskiyou JEFFERSON CITY, June 28— | they are, what they do, and--what’s left after taxes. Av. eration will occur July 11 in con- In the bottle with the IN THE WINGS: Gags and Gals aren’t the only profitable lavatory. YOU AND ATOMIC ENERGY AND ITS WONDERFUL Miss Church- All sales final—no refunds or exchanges on sale merchandise GIFT; iry, card sho est; keeping room. compra gana una opción para el sorteo. tractor, — fift elderly woman. Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers and St. N. If N: commercial studio; must un- N sf onaeping: tis : 2-room, new ur- ; von Goethe, born 200° years ago OPERATORS _family; colored; neat. into his eyes while he convinces nity for girl experienced in steno- ° . . Or could France draw Stephen Spender, British poet; ed go'35 : | “ditionea, guaranteed guaranteed ; bargains 4 & ror, ed tracking him into neighboring states if 1003 Pine CH. 8658 6 ST. FRANCOIS (Florissant). ... the more classical but none- month. Jackso aston. lower court accepted the confes- | CA: 63 sink: adults: $9. GR. 9011. come, GO. Vesta Greer, RO. VROLET CLUB COUPE |. tournaments.” _ sc ge repaggg - \ SET THE "DRIVE’’! but tirelessly prodded by Cochran, incomes of all kinds for the first KSTL—fSco . Close. t. Louis 21, Mo, SALESMAN. n rse in que pueden existir variantes entre la foto en el producto recibido. people learn to perform on top PVERTISEME, er in Cream Sauce or Lima ning net Tuesday. | ee 3 /——* That, “Ro- Little Rock, Ark. airs, clean, ed each: sizes 8.25x 5 3 mattress a __ MACHINERY FOR RENT $2.50 1, =26 8. ling from us to spend on goods in | s-day week ; : ransportation ‘ , ‘MAGNOLIA, 394 N L J P z must sell. fourth cup flour, one cup evap- man to Cut Spending Is | uating class of the Industrial Col- ; : man; - : 7 Tir work; , ; : : cookin y reference required. | $7500 for work he did not do, but The .22 cali- ’ 4 \ ‘ ~~ We \ WANN ' Park Service Success. STEAKS @ CHOPS roe _C.8.T. po 4 3:00 P. M. | BASE MENTS \ Ben Langan ? ig ms L. Pleitsch officiating. is to cover its slim sheath with a back-to-work order. —_ fer store or office, FO. Cull- Boudreau, Indians, will select their action on it. 4, So long as he was pa. , cue pit; financed and priced right: ere /\ré a Few O e s, thy -new, rooms, 47 sedan, $860; 20 others. 2-5478. hangared; less than 100 hou JEFFERSON CAMERA. 7 or experience for children. NEW MERRY WIDOW ees | Show (7:30) _B.f L Gers, Steere Sen ¢ nets ortaw 5 A ao e- Waa SB 4 ms us th, 2-car garage, oil heat. avoided the heart tiead which erie 7 are Broadway’s top twinklers: Mary Martin and Patricia Mori- SC) RL rural home; ‘modern conveniences; G i 5: 286 » Dispatch ne Oe ood meals. EPER SRE EES There's no telling how the race - ae oe SS : i them og na BRUNE ‘REALTY CO KIRKWOOD ;WISMER, | 2856: WARES pecs BONFA RLUTY., RO. a F. DAVID When Eaves saw him, he IBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE™™ tect the gloves and lengthen their eee ater | eae c coupe; excellen® condition: '36 PACKARD ) COUPE condition; new tires. | PLYMOUTH | writers, turned out four in this them, after she got old enough 8:40 Only) 4904 McPherson Ave. (8) RO. R, TE. sheep Library I am grateful for the privilege ¿Cómo tramitar la visa para Estados Unidos desde Perú? ecreen.” ‘ere tT eres HLER, TEX I._0906. 3 og — A not of a thorough washing, the inte- ee WANTED, yiod femen ait Snare S. Vandeventer 4000 : ee ancnester Special to the Post-Dispatch. EORETARY: don a mond Heights, gave a dinner party Circunvalación (Atocongo Open Plaza)San Juan de Miraflores, Av. 2O. Southern Units, Com-|Mmm\\) aaa A | GAS HEAT SPECIAL BUDGET PLAN, INC. SHE PARKED CAR - 7 actus 6°a.m. mone . —_ — ng * a 7 force,” said that the court “should even women E. Crowe of St. Louis, which had 2410 Big Bend —— | BV Geum Voice yp A Dey Frequency modulation programs are 25¢ Co. Everett Hale, the Unitarian “a2 === which ended with ity demands constant scientific progress in order | ment. KXLW— K “Stella eg : - meg., IELSEN, ais N), ANNA M.: =e 0 Skirt Interest Is One of Chief chen eee Necklines acs oa 8899. You're embraceable—al ways! “St. Musical, Ray Eberle Orchestra Shortsto oost 846,- For instance, through newspa- As you probably know, Executive Order - . needed low-rent housing projects Rinkel (nee Hughes), dear father of $11,056 was given to the tenants a job, he should have had enough Steinbicker, head of the Department of Govern- Lieut. p.m, daily, beginning Thursday, rade, terms - s coach: radio, 1718a Ba ° $421 EASTON - 8696 at the hands of a state officer... Then the Fed- -- gerne eget EW DFIc unNgGaiows sash, insulated. Super deluxe tudor; | make ‘best offer. and of ; 4; called. SHADY “OAK hag be The naming of the North American Com- 'Pederson Rihbany reached the! North, dealer. Rent-a-piano water paet ane BO OR 5, ) ‘ acres co go ~y yo. 5956 NATURAL BRIDGE - LYNCOLN, i94 41 convertible, $695. Earn 5-$175 Post-Di ; on = Open Tonight 7 to 9 ALI ‘gaa agg MG mare wood, 4-room efficiency plus brick sun-| ¢4,_ lot; —— for children; | 5°car'brick garage; house complete- pas _ ot-water heat; beautiful DITT! LL BUY YOUR CAR BUILDING “MATERIAL — STOKE Kensin ~ FO. Park in rear. 045 floor - 15 to Sept, ; o-bedroom| fer west end or Clayton. vaded the Southland last year posing as an Indian... . . ST. LOUIS | BROADCASTING STATIONS | ST.LOUIS POST- DISPATCH Home er. (a administrators who are _ ae a | at 3350. brick. The vote was 50 to 40. of employes of the Federal Government. ing in. PS. no time in sending Dr. Orr T. Mullinax, who Right now the old-line stock OW Beautiful 1278. est opposition of the tournament Louis Country Club, & GO RLY. W. Ward, RE, 3881, 7 _Wenom ’ GLEN ECHO AND-NORDIC-DRS until 4 p.m. on Saturday. aHAREES GEORGE a Sat, , June correct engineering principles. Joseph E. Ritter. “FUNERAL DIRECTORS Three good featherweights are Vindicated antici- OVERLAND Delmar. 1,084,394 votes. blow them right off their perch. CE. tory practices; enlist all potential Kane _RICHMOND, Conrad NAGEL. OVERLAND The experts in charge of the, When six hours before finding their cab- Harry fapler,. waiting for ad- er tank, side arm heater. oy as Loretta Lombardo, dear brother of Critics also declare Britain has Jerry? IM COOLER; %- 300° N taies: ~ FIXTU Re ES UE ENT required for marking clothing oa ORSTEDS . ades, Euaras. to beat our (12 Sales in May “sare o - see A y-EHOP Vandeventer and Ashland. . senpieres' vacanvies at $5, $6 and| week; without, $7 single, $9 double. Nos tomamos muy en serio tus comentarios y lo revisaremos lo antes posible. One of the most interesting as use other polishes gtate that they Peter Messineo, 50 acres which the late President 03. Channels: plates, pipes: ail sizes: LA w Olive. ee _ Calvary. - for TE, estás ausente, haremos una segunda visita al día siguiente; de ocurrir lo mismo durante la segunda 100-meter dash, the broad jump, keeping. S. Niggeman, who died Saturday satisfaction. AT THE . Waynesville, Mo., high school last 743 VACANT— Eeeiein Now, since declarer could Grand. Westwood. OOo a eee oo _* 4 FUNERAL SERVICES HELD tM cKnigh . REAL ESTATE OUT OF ST. sell. The not had a fair trial because of the Not so ite 9739. minute votes which will alter the 4233 0 i : N 4 this week against the Red Sox.” “For instance ...?” 4082 ‘after 6. KSD— News; Weather. So that hunch-produced run, among the various segments. finer pieces of sculpture, which AUTOMOBILE body man: ist class CHASE CA , 22 _ S. SARAH single man 28 to 3 be| FLOORING SALESMAN GIRL; Housework, assist care 1- tion would “ the use of non- Pe | — eau HOME til kit 8 d b th: | and sodding; venetian blinds and . No se encontraron resultados. priced cheap; E-Z terms, CE. ~ BEWO MILL DISTRICT OPEN—VACANT See 507 Woodbine (at Gey- 4-FAMILY $19,500 rooms plus den, etc. has a staff hypnotist, along with Vassa! THE RED PONY REVU BUSINESS DIRECT ORY 2 bedrooms; quick posses- DARR REALTY "DE. Relax your : ia. : 5-room LAFAYETTE, 4260; brick 8 rooms, HEBERT. Ri same way every time, and in per- Siose* somes... ane carried prices below | white, $2.50; h-g bu box white, $1.35@ ua SL 75¢2 at on a ‘vartou ee Calif hums SA. — 30 A.M. Ox ww, KSTL—News; P. Com pits. RUNS—Williams, Roston, 19, old, 613 Locusi | White, a nt oe COMPLETE KXLW—Want Ads; News. 1527 8. Cc. Flreside 6511. Smith’s appointment of a political MARINELLO System; ; [A, BORN-AG AIN. ™ys A budget of $917,718 for the ai Robinson, ridge | living —s Bn weve new AURA 5% down. residence; hardwood floors dows: block a 7100 Page. ' I pay my taxes like any other citizen waited around all day for some- Masters, Playing Professional the defending women’s doubles Consultar cualquier ‘here today over a fast Lincoln of five nightly performances. last night. A slap | Miss Dearmont replied that it would bout seven months ago and Orville ncle Luncheons © Steaks © Chicken ROOMS —ROOM pater) S aanae | ' 4119 QRAVOIS (16) Laclede 6266 : | " _Fooms: furnished | *Prreside 517 OFFICE AT SUBDIVISION __ ‘MOCK- PHILLIPS, Inc. BEFORE YOU BUY SEE D AVID P. | LEAHY 13 N. Meramec’ ~~ DE. honor a musical comedy device A BEAUTY. DiMag Is Ready items fn place, must‘be free of un- Wonderful Savings on Wispy 2907 Sutton. Realtor, FL. PAUL CO- FOR , “Gravois, 81 _ cost; ties, au gratin potatoes, buttered CV, ACO . and the interest that variety can inquires for the origin of the FUR R REMODELING Búsquedas más frecuentes de los últimos 30 días. Stuart ERWIN, Ong MUNSON ‘DRUMS OF THE CONGO’ 1337. ment below $11.000. You will find that some | hose that is identifi ither by) t day he Had not been notified by They will be closed Sunday and G inet is harder to see than the forbidden Home, 7420 Michigan at in Greater St. Louis: If your names do Reasonable p 3 years mechanical or civil en-| commissions. CO. 3645" ° Charlies H. Thormond -—~—- -—— -— _822 Ann \\\) ANY h FAIRMOUNT ENTRIES dependence, who was handling the ody Lane. —, rooms. SINGERS ,ond W WHITES LECT orang es ee; elt : ‘ON Your rane 4675 ath hie “gr . LOST CHILD NAPS 3: full report on the status of these HIGHWAY 1S LEGA oe” oat ‘gt: Easiest way to smart fashion receiver to shippers. Ra PA. 24x24 stand- E: ions ’ Cabanne P.m., _used. “ vacant; ‘Al shape; easy monthly | praif acres, 5 rooms, below $3000. TOPS IN DELIGHTFUL SONG, DANCE AND GAY ROMANCE! Canyon. (Childrens Press, inc., 60 And should chuck the pompous benevolence from their voices. Ucas 621 eat or AmT&T9 1: P yy TWO HELD IN ALLEGED CARD _ cost; fed, and nite. so Dyer played for a single run. +s} 6€© 2 ¢© © @ Ww Ura That is was “Buckey” to all So fine, so smooth, so DODGE, °*4 ustom 4-door; low 5165 N i R ( . Yet half of these women Mman- VROLET CLUB COUPE |. STOCK MARKET | ST. LOUIS STOCK EXCHANGE, June manufacturing concerns. Chattanooga 6. with a 6 and 4 victory over Mrs. slum clearance program and a Schroeder 4 to 5 Favorite. WANTS T0 principles; that it will always fight SEWING MACHINES “COLORADO TERRITORY 1095 a Hille ee | IMMEDIATE POSSESSION | | OPEN TILL THE WEE HOURS | 1:51, 5:12, 8:34, Delmar. 2 MoPac5s77F . WIL—Claude ‘Thornhill. $°318 pe Post- ch. Relax in a newly designed Sleepy- Hollow a. KsD—Doubie or Nothing. In the other due process case There are also cities where the fare ‘GLASS _ lost; brown the difficulty. tative maintenance: give full 8061 CLAYTON RD ence. By Sylvia Stiles sige ait ker en rr ess A. E. SCHMIDT CO. * . Ra de 22 or what? . hi stepping down as manager an To A.L. The Phone PR-0430 ST.LOUIS4 MO. 2645 Sutton av. mits, from around $10 to $50. Big John Pritchard, for four 2121 'the clubhouse will pay 25 cents. 5181 het Water? A SPRAWL looks even whrse ndise Phone DE. home near Horsham yesterday. 6221 _— 3607 incton nation’s primate, of leading “re-| ‘Phe falcons were called on to EXCURSIONS | Kentucky Straight a’ * * * own or PLEASURE! 65 ripples into uneven fullness at the actionary” bishops and priests 1M | ojear fields of birds which had ° To understand Denger Salis With the Tune Fieeti 0. ust sell. bodies. S llo DIRT; top soil, crushed stone. 325, Post-Dispatch. The city and the State Highway St. Charles Rock rd., Krats Airport| fer, Can produce. ators in the swap that included BUSINESS PROPER Ah A : i lave foundation; 30-gallon gas LADUI . BTREAMLITS: OB tt 4 ‘leeper: T } R SAIF_ AL {Call Us First—We Have It.” EES ee in a period of about nine months | #2 AAS OLIVE recently, “they wouldn't talk so 5642-52 Page: well located with Mrs. Jack Kennedy, Norwood, defeated We get results. BRENTWOOD | many art experts with Michelam- They this new policy spr very large- ir sant. a on DiMaggio, __ sidewall res: no dealers. Juncker & Campbell. agency will have to submit to $40 Wi R, Cus. ling from us to spend on goods in | » a EE. . Tadetle sedan 2205 Chrysler GREBE. ve) ling 745 Units Award- , omen Sees a Sd with utilities, Ap- of an attempt to balance the bud- Ch TOs6 et REAL ESTATE SALES a a Eg trees PU a MEY nag Bridge RocuesteR DRIVE. A fine, light-as-air powder It has tin hussars and WANTED TO RENT modern: vacant; on 41 DUE vieote nees to make | PLYMOU hardwood floors throughout. 1 If the board of supervisors ques- . United Corp Wool mills caught the slump the Indonesian situation. eee rd. 13. day through Aug. 15. | wish summer work: tutoring college or helper; experienced. mendous fun” to perform for modern uipment, —THIARPNWAPE CTORE VARIETY D KITCHE? ac art VY | ‘39; fadio, heater, de- 1935- FORD BUS won’t be long before every team bought. Treasury. 5:15 KMOX 6:45 KSTL TE. ; NATIONAL LEAGUE. | Washington. yourself bringing home what you a . and fully polished! White: nced on post machine Fruit and Vegetable Market | will sell complete, or will sell busi- | SOUTH s ee also gentleman to = -|__Grace Co., 2253 8. forn ny; must have experience. nine holes. they must be enjoying tremendous guffaws at established firm; GA. 3126. 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