TRIBUTE –’s free movie 2014

By on December 18, 2014
TRIBUTE -'s free movie 2014

We’re producing ski movies for ten years now, but we’ve never forgotten our roots. We travel the world and we’re inspired by the mountain cultures around the globe. But there is this one place where we felt at home, one place that influenced us the most – the city of Innsbruck! This is a tribute to a decade of friendship, adventures and a place we all call home!


FelixAlthammer AmbrosFürstaller BastiFärber DanielGassner FloGeyer FloGöller SeverinGuggemoos DominikHartmann BeneHöflinger MarinusHöflinger TobiHuber ChristianJenny TorgeNagel JürgenNigg MarkusObwaller SvenRauber TomRitsch JuliusSchneider PiusSchneider GeorgStückler ChristianStadler SebiMüller BerniLiebl DominikSagmeister PaulKlein MacMinikan AdrianGaiser ThomasTrifonitchev FelixWiemers BastiHannemann

directed and edited by

produced by
BeneHöflinger, BastiFärber, DominikHartmann, MarinusHöflinger

filmed by
all the riders

additional filming by
MichaelBernshausen SebiSchwertl MichalSchwierc BalintHambalko MarcoTribelhorn AndreNutini SeanBlamer JosefSchilcher ScottyTitterington KelseyClarke WillDrake LukasBernert – thx guys

areal filming by &

intro words by Felix Prankl
grafik design by VincentCadBury & Marinus Höflinger

more information:

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