TFJprod.’s STEW (2013) Full Movie

By on November 29, 2013
TFJprod.'s STEW (2013) Full Movie

STEW is our fifth indie-ish ski film! We got to work with some great ingredients to make this mess. Free-range skiers were fed in urban environments all over and then brought to the countryside for slaughter at a couple parkshoots.
Shot in Sweden with swedish skiers only (only local produce).

Skiers: Frej Jönsson, Filip Berggren, Per Fernvik, Jonas Hjohlman, Fredrik Green, Tom Oliver Hedvall, Tobias Björk, Carl Regnér, Joakim Rignell, Marcus Tjäder, Mattias Bergsmo, Lars Norin, Max Hedvall, Olov Engström, Magnus Norlander, Toby B Jensen, Hampus Fredman, Adam Frisell.

Sponsors: Stadium, Sony, Head, Atomic & Vemdalen

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