• TRIBUTE -'s free movie 2014
    TRIBUTE –’s free movie 2014

    We’re producing ski movies for ten years now, but we’ve never forgotten our roots. We travel the world and we’re inspired by the mountain cultures around the globe. But there is this one place where we felt...

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  • Whiteroom Productions - Trial & Error Trailer
    Whiteroom Productions – Trial & Error Trailer

    Whiteroom Productions presents its new ski movie Trial & Error.

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  • ISPO Ski
    ISPO 2014 – novinky, inovácie a technológie vo freeskiingu tím sa prvýkrát zúčastnil na svetovom veľtrhu zimných športov ISPO v nemeckom Mníchove. Počas troch dní sme zozbierali množstvo informácií na reportáže, ktoré budeme postupne publikovať. Predstavujeme vám v krátkosti náhľad tém ktorým sa budeme venovať.

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  • Sven-Kueenle-2012-1
    Sven Kueenle 2013

    Some of Sven Kueenle´s skiing in 2012 and 2013 from Legs Of Steel´s “Hurt So Good” and “The LosT”. The LosT is now available on iTunes:… For Hurt So Good go to:…

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  • shine
    MOON SHINE TRAILER from Gpsyfeelin

    Posuňte hranice reality, žite naplno a užívajte si čo vám poskytla príroda. To je najnovší príspevok od Gpsyfeelin.

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  • Absolut Park Flachauwinkl / J.O.B.
    JOB SATORI – Official Movie Trailer

    JUNKIES ON A BUDGET PROUDLY PRESENT THE TRAILER FOR THEIR NEWEST MOVIE: “SATORI” After the unprecedented success of their first ever movie release last year, the Junkies On a Budget are back with another unique movie. “Satori” presented by Marker...

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  • The Lost Official Trailer
    The Lost Official Trailer

    Coming to you on the 24th September 2013. This year Legs of Steel are going back to their roots, releasing a no rules ski movie produced by the crew, for the crew. The LOSt sees the boys...

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  • Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 16.53.07
    Trailer “Far Away” from M-Line Freeski TV

    With „FAR AWAY“ Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr again come up with a extraordinary Big Mountain Freeski Movie. Although the name suggests that the guys travelled the world for this movie, it´s the totally opposite. More than...

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  • Snowbuzz - POZOR! Trailer
    Snowbuzz – POZOR! Trailer

    POZOR! Trailer for a short film just about urban skiing in germany. Riders: Willy Hendel, Lukas Schleupner, Philipp Herfort, Lukas Noack Camera: the whole crew Cut: Lukas Schleupner Photo: Franz Ortlepp, Philipp Herfort

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  • Amplid Ambush Academy Season Edit - Bernhard Braun
    Amplid Ambush Academy Season Edit – Bernhard Braun

    A 60 second 2012/2013 season edit for the final Amplid Ambush Academy challenge. Filmed on my GoPro and other cameras. Thanks to everybody for filming and the funny season! Feel free to share if you like!

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