JOB SATORI – Official Movie Trailer

By on August 26, 2013
Absolut Park Flachauwinkl / J.O.B.


After the unprecedented success of their first ever movie release last year, the Junkies On a Budget are back with another unique movie. “Satori” presented by Marker Völkl is an exploration into the mind and how skiing influences one’s perception of life. The trailer gives a taste of the unique plot incorporated into banger ski segments with Europe’s best free skiers – “Satori” presents a diferent approach to freeski feature films.

Freeskiing is more than a sport, leisure activity or lifestyle. The intangible rewards that so many skiers gain from practicing this seemingly meaningless pursuit color their existence and make life worth living. It provides inspiration, presents challenges, ofers freedom and ultimately fills you with joy. This philosophy is the motif for Satori presented by Marker Völkl, a movie that tells the story of how a man’s hollow existence can be transformed through freeskiing.

The Junkies On a Budget gave four film crews the difcult task to capture these themes through freeskiing and their own creative perspectives. Team Lachner headed to Flachauwinkl with Oscar Scherlin, Jonas Hunziker and Roy Kittler to capture “Inspiration” using 3D mapping on progressive park features. Tasked with the theme “Challenge” Team Seanography went on a backcountry touring adventure with Markus Eder, Roman Rohrmoser, Roy Kittler, Basti Hannemann and Fabian Lentsch. “Freedom” was the subject for Team PVS, who filmdd Sam Smoothy, Phil Meier and Julien Lopez exploring the massive Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. Finally the Finish wunderkids Juhu Kilkki, Verneri Hannula and Ilkka Hannula from Real Skifi captured the spirit of “Joy” while shredding the streets in the far north.

Progressive park skiing, fast and fluid freeriding, backcountry jump session and creative urbans; JOB Satori presented Marker Völkl ofers an eclectic mix of skiing featuring some of the best European freeskiers. Add to that an interesting and insightful plot and you have a unique freeski movie that we hope you all enjoy!

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