Huck, tuck & Rolling Stones with Mikkel Jøraandstad

By on January 3, 2014

I busted my knee skiing in NZ this summer, so I’m out for the season. Herman Fjøss and I put together some shots I had from Vierli ( Norway ), shredding and filming with the RK1 crew and Perisher ( Australia ), skiing with the Norwegian Freeski Team, before I dislocated my knee and tore my ACL and Meniscus. Stoked that I learned some new stuff before it happened and that I got to film a little bit.
I’ll be back next season!

Instagram: MikkelJoraandstad
Big thanks to

Herd headwear.

filmed by:

Olav Stubberud
Joonas kenttamies
Nor Freeskiteam
Heming shitkidz

Edited by:

Herman Fjøss!

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