Game of Z.M.R.D. Vítek VS. Richie

By on April 23, 2014
richi jurecka

V LAAXe nájdete v posledných rokoch mnoho slovenských a českých freeskierov. Láka ich tamojší snowpark ale i množstvo backcountry terénov v priľahlom okolí. Ako žijú a ako sa bavia? Pozri si freestyle edit Richiho Jurečku a pobav sa…

game of ZMRD was shooted by Martin Horak in snowpark LAAX. /Thanks/
it do have some mistakes in judging as i want to do it as fast as possible i haven’t realized it.
i used iMovie instead of FCP what was also an mistake but the point is still there: Vítek is the ZMRD.

have fun :D

horsky klub

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