FWT Journal 2015 – EP9 – Juliena Lopeza strhla lavína priamo v preteku v Kappl, Austria

By on February 4, 2015
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Ani profesionálny prístup organizátora, horskej služby a ďalších zodpovedných nemusia byť zárukov 100% bezpečnosti. Lavíny neobchádzajú ani profesionálov. Priamo počas preteku FWT uvoľnil jazdec Julien Lopez  (ARG) obrovskú lavínu. Našťastie bez následkov. Prírode sa porúčať jednoducho nedá.

After the decision to stop the competition in Kappl / Austria, we thought we would catch up with Julien Lopez and the mountain guides to try to understand what happened and how Julien is doing after his scare.

In this episode of the FWT Journal you will hear that “risk zero” does not exist and that no matter how many safety measure you take, and the tour organizers go above and beyond with this, the danger of avalanche is always very real in the mountains.
Food for thoughts! Stay safe out there…


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