DOMY Sneak Peeks | Episode 2: Skiing With The Black Panther

By on January 10, 2014
MSP films

Nanjnovší film, ktorý nesmieme opomenúť Days of my Youth od MSP Films príde na plátna koncom roka 2014. Ste pripravení na novú dávku lyžiarskeho šialenstva? Pozrite si aký edit si pre vás pripravuje kráska menom Michelle Parker. Sledujte všetky epizódy, klikajte pod videom na #tag Days of my Youth, zobrazia sa vám všetky epizódy.

In another sneak peek from Red Bull Media House and MSP Films’ epic Fall 2014 release Days of My Youth, we get to know the famous Michelle Parker, AKA Black Panther, a little better. Watch as this talented skier tears up everything in her path while making so many noises we couldn’t help getting a little creative.
Stay tuned for the next Sneak Peek episode releasing Wednesday, Jan 22nd.


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