Cranberries from Alex Horner

By on August 27, 2013
Cranberries from Alex Horner

I had the opportunity to co-produce and direct a YouTube web series for Red Bull Media House in 2012 called Winch Sessions. This was by far my favorite episode, and some of my crews best work. Along with amazing imagery, you get to learn how cranberries are harvested.

No berries were destroyed while making this. Cranberries are tough as hell, there was zero waste of food. As far as sanitation goes, it’s an open body of water. A few dudes in wetsuits wont hurt a thing ;)

Riders – Brian Grubb and Ben Horan
Producers – Adam Buck, Alex Horner
Executive Producers – Scott Bradfield, David Brooks, Charlie Rosene of Red Bull Media House
Director – Alex Horner
Cinematography – Ryan Taylor and Alex Horner
Assistant Camera – Brian Suerth
Field Mixer – Patrick Schaefer
Post Sound Design and Mix – Nick Mihalevich
Editor – Alex Horner
Photography – Ryan Taylor

Horner Music – Light on Blue
Tycho – Daydream

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